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Tap into trading signals from top hedge funds and professional traders, backed by blockchain security. Simplify your decisions with our comprehensive, trusted financial data for a superior market advantage.

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SYGNAL Powers Crypto Bots with Advanced Quantitative Strategies and Data-Driven Intelligence

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A trading signal is an indicator or trigger to BUY, SELL, or HOLD a financial instrument

SYGNAL aggregates millions of buy/sell trading signals for thousands of financial instruments, all sourced from world-class hedge funds and professional quant managers

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Search trading signals for over 10,000 financial instruments. Type in a stock, ticker, asset or instrument class to get started.

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Stay updated with the latest insights and analyses from SYGNAL. Our expert team dives deep into the world of cryptocurrency, providing you with the most current and actionable information. Explore our newest articles to gain a competitive edge in your trading journey.

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Blockchain Verified: Trust Reimagined in Quantitative Trading with SYGNAL

Blockchain-Verified Integrity for Every Trading Signal

In the complex world of quantitative finance, SYGNAL stands as a beacon of trust and reliability. Our innovative approach uses blockchain technology to ensure every trading signal and model on our platform is immutable and transparent.

How It Works: Ensuring Trust at Every Step

Signal Verification: As signals arrive, we hash the data and publish a daily compilation onto the Ethereum blockchain. This guarantees the originality and accuracy of every piece of data, making it impossible to alter retrospectively.

User Empowerment: SYGNAL equips users with tools to independently verify the integrity of trading signals against blockchain data. Our transparent process ensures that signals have remained unmodified, offering peace of mind in their reliability.

Why Trust SYGNAL?

Immutable Records Leveraging blockchain, we create a permanent, unalterable audit trail for all signals.

Transparent Verification Access to both platform and blockchain data allows for independent accuracy checks.

Proven Reliability Our methodical hashing and daily blockchain updates solidify trust in the quantitative models we host.

Embrace a new standard of trust with SYGNAL, where transparency and technology converge to validate the accuracy and integrity of your trading decisions.

Discover Trustworthy Trading with SYGNAL.

We deliver professional investment signals

Through partnerships with hedge funds, quantitative research firms, and data scientists, SYGNAL aggregates millions of professional buy/sell signals. We collect, audit, and recombine trading signals to help you generate Alpha.
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Reliable track records

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All buy/sell indicators on SYGNAL use a standardized format (-1.00 to +1.00) to ensure cross-model comparison, easy strategy implementation, coherent decision making and simplified integration.

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Collective intelligence of leading quants

SYGNAL, a pioneering platform by Sanostro, aims to redefine the landscape of investment by connecting investors, asset managers, and individuals with world-class quantitative financial experts. Our mission is rooted in the belief that advanced financial intelligence should be accessible to a broader audience, not just confined to the elite.

Sanostro, the force behind SYGNAL, has been a beacon of trust and innovation since its inception in 2012. As a company licensed by the SEC and VQF, Sanostro adheres to the highest standards of regulatory compliance and operational excellence, ensuring our clients' interests are always protected and prioritized.

Founded by an elite team of quants, traders, and mathematicians, SYGNAL was born out of the observation that the vast majority of signals available to the public relied on overly simplistic technical indicators, failing to harness the full potential of quantitative analysis. We envisioned a platform where cutting-edge financial insights were made available to everyone, from individual traders to professional asset managers, thereby democratizing access to tools that were once exclusive.

Through the SYGNAL platform, users gain unparalleled access to a wealth of trading signals derived from sophisticated quantitative models. These signals offer a robust foundation for informed decision-making, whether the goal is to buy, sell, or hold an asset. Moreover, quants contributing to SYGNAL benefit from a steady and expanding revenue stream, thanks to the platform's extensive reach and credibility.

In essence, SYGNAL and Sanostro are at the forefront of financial innovation, breaking down barriers to advanced investment strategies and fostering a community of informed, empowered market participants.