Business Case

Business Case


Rebuilding trust in the investment industry

ALPHA refers to the value-added from investment insights.

SYGNAL seeks to reinvent the investment industry and become the largest Alpha provider without directly managing assets.

SYGNAL - The resource for good investment decisions

SYGNAL is the first decentralized ecosystem directly linking investment intelligence providers and seekers.

Intelligence providers are highly focused specialists such as hedge funds or independent researchers. Their core competency is the quantitative analysis of data. Their investment insights are made available through SYGNAL in the form of trading signals.

Intelligence seekers are asset managers, pension funds, endowments, family offices, banks, fintech service providers and investment consultants. They all rely on high quality investment information to deliver their products and services.

An Industry ready for change

Today, each firm has its own internal value chain of research, product design, implementation and distribution.

Narrow - Investment products only reflect the research insights of one manager.
Handcuffed - A firm's investment intelligence comes attached to its products and cannot be accessed or sold separately.
Closed - Many quality investment researchers and their valuable intelligence are not accessible.

A decentralized intelligence market for a decentralized world.

SYGNAL is reshaping the financial industry by creating a B2B market place for investment intelligence.

Connected - Intelligence from multiple sources can be combined into an investment product.

Innovative - New ways to monetize investment intelligence for researchers.

Open - Easy access to first class investment intelligence from small boutiques and large research teams.

Quantitative investment intelligence traded on SYGN

The intelligence exchanged on SYGNAL will initially be restricted to trading signals from quantitative funds across the globe. These “trading signals” are the outcome of systematic models.

A systematic market model is much less of a black box than most people think. It is ultimately just a set of rules summarizing the quant researcher’s market insights. Rules can be audited and explained, there is no intrinsic mystery behind.

  • The quantitative researchers build the models
  • SYGNAL provides access to the output of these models.
  • The models help investors optimally position their portfolios.


SYGNAL - A gateway for AI specialists

The intelligence on the SYGNAL platform is a unique dataset for AI researchers. SYGNAL will offer APIs to access SYGNAL’s intelligence pool to Artificial Intelligence researchers. Neural Networks and Machine Learning will turn singular intelligence providers on the SYGNAL platform into the market brain of the future.

Investment Insights from big data pool

You are an AI specialist having an edge in interpreting big data. You started to analyse unstructured finance data and you now want to offer your insights to investment professionals. The SYGNAL ecosystem connects you with an AI-hungry investment industry AND creates a bulletproof life track record of your insights.

Augmented Financial Insights Through Meta-Analysis

You are a data specialist seeking the common truth behind multiple trading signals. The SYGNAL ecosystem gives you access to trading signal from multiple sources on numerous assets AND connects you to potential buyers of your augmented insights.

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